I make lists. I like making lists. I like crossing off the things on the list. I like adding more on lists. 

And you may be asking “why is this girl going on and on about lists?”

Because, as much as it is important to make everyday lists, it’s just as important to make clothing, closet or wardrobe lists. I make these type lists every spring & autumn. I also make the for clients after I get done doing a wardrobe revival. It helps me determine where my style is headed, what I’d like to purchase, and to keep me focused on the prize, instead of seeing things on sale and buying just for the heck of it! It’s an easier way on the budget. 

This example of my list seems to grow daily, and yet I can erase items I no longer want or have changed my mind on. I keep it on one of my favorite apps; Google Keep. Amazing app, very satisfying to check off items I’ve purchased. Need it in your life! 

Gotta keep that list in check! 

  • Denim jacket. I actually don’t have one and have been searching for the perfect one. 
  • New York Yankees baseball hat. I’m searching for one that isn’t overly pricey. But I feel like I’d wear plenty of. 
  • Madewell neckerchiefs in both marigold + light pink. These neckerchiefs are amazing just to finish a look or to layer with necklaces. Yaaaas! 
  • Leather or suede clogs. I’ve been looking for ugg heeled clogs… Ever since my friend Caitlin had some hasbeens on! 
  • Culottes/dress pants. This one is pretty serious. Though I don’t have ANY black dress pants, I think I should own at least one pair. And possibly a second pair of culottes. 
  • Boyfriend tees. Old navy makes the BEST ones. The material is incredibly soft. And I just want some more in my life. Pairs nicely with other items in closet and plays nicely on it’s own. Great basic to have! 
  • Squashblossom necklace. Though the real deal necklaces are in the thousands ($$$), I’m okay with costume. The necklace itself has a nod to be southwestern wear. But can still look modern. 
  • Boyfriend jeans. I want some that are darker wash denim, no holes and some that will just become softer with age. 
  • Madewell Flats. I’ve always been a fan of Madewell flats, as they’re comfortable as they are also dressy. So my mission is to find them for some good deals as well as some that I’ll wear until they give out! 
  • Blue shirt. Mainly a blue button down shirt. I feel as if I could style it pretty cute. I definitely have my peepers open to find the right one. 

I hope you take my advice and start writing the things that can elevate your closet! It really does help with narrowing down your focus. : )


Hello, long time no talk! I know I haven’t posted that much since my birthday/anniversary posts, but I’m back and I’m better than ever! 

How were y’alls valentines or galentines? 

I enjoyed myself… Though I really didn’t do much. I stayed home. Ate. Got a few goodies from the ‘rents’. And I literally didn’t do much of anything really! 

  • Yellow shams. 
  • Valentine’s card. 
  • Tarte ‘gifted’ mascara. 

I’m kinda so-so with valentines day. On one half I saw unity on social media. Everybody was expressing how much they love each other and getting each other gifts and and loving people. And on the other hand, I just don’t get couples who go ALL out for just one day. And then go back to being themselves after that. I mean, it’s great to give gifts and be romantic and smooch now and again and maybe I’ll feel differently when I’m in a relationship… But right now, I’m not sure. I mean I love the color combo – pink and red that goes around, the conversation hearts and all the sappy commercials are great. But, just to celebrate 1 day instead of 365 days, just doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to me… But again, not in a relationship here. If Valentine’s day is just to justify buying somebody a gift, then by all means, do it! Spend away! However, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t expect a naked baby with wings and an arrow, otherwise known as Cupid, to determine your relationship status, your love for others and your gift giving ability….Let God do that. Put your mind at ease knowing that God loves you 365 days a year. And He never staggers off or falls off the throne when you do something dumb. It just doesn’t happen! Know that others with experience God through you by showing love to them. 

But for now, I will enjoy loving on others and getting vday gifts from my mom & dad. Sounds good! 



Today (well, this past Saturday actually), I embark on the 5th year of Styled By Ryn. Being in business as a fashion stylist has been amazing. Learning and encouraging 50+ people on how to wear their clothes. It hasn’t always been easy. There are times where I feel so unqualified. And yet, I’m here. Because God called me qualified, He’s called me as a stylist. He’s my defender & vindicator. And I know anything is possible with God on my side. I strive everyday to be the best wardrobe I can be. And sometimes I fall short. But this next year, you’ll see something different from me. Just wait and see! 

Being a stylist and owning a business has also had it’s fumbles, or should I say, I have had some fumbles. I haven’t really had any knowledge bestowed upon me in the area of styling. Except for watching endless amounts of What Not To Wear with Stacy & Clinton and reading many, many styling books! But otherwise meaning I haven’t taken any classes for styling in particular or even have had a mentor or a retail job teaching me to style. It’s all been God-given talent. Which I am incredibly grateful for! 

(This was my first ever client. Thanks HannahBeth for trusting me with your wardrobe!) 

I have always had a heart to show how beautiful people truly are, their real value. And what helps is clothes. I have had a heart for women since I was a teenager. I do style men, but women, that’s the arena where I seem to soar! Because I feel the lack of confidence is greatly higher in women than men, especially in the society that we dwell in. It’s easy to put ourselves down, when viewing what society has put on pedestals that women should live by. I would like to break those barriers, thank you very much! 

(First ever mirror selfie) 

In the five years of being an entrepreneur, I have had issues with not knowing how much to charge or replying back to a client. But, I have just sown it as seed. I’ve been blessed to be able to style the people I have had, and I do a happy dance when a new client hires me. I love that I have photographers on my side to point their clients in my direction and I love my wonderful clients who have spread my name to their friends. Word of mouth rocks! My clients rock too. The moment that they feel confident in their clothes is the day I feel really accomplished. I have had a bit of difficulty building up followers on instagram, but that doesn’t worry me! 

This next year, I’m hoping my phone rings off the hook, because I’m receiving so many calls and many many texts as people hear how wonderful I am at styling and want their closets revived and their clothes styled. That’s my goal anyway. This will be the first year of going solo, as in not being a full time caregiver, jewelry maker or babysitter. I am planning to possibly get a creative job, just so I can fill my time and account with some extra activity & creativity. But my main priority will be to focus on styling for Styled By Ryn! And also writing bigger and better things for the blog! And possibly monetizing it too! Extra is always better! I will, however be going after bigger giants in my way, such as styling for editorial and film,as well as teaching in workshops. Though I have heard that “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!” So here’s to accomplishing big dreams! And I’m possibly going to start a YouTube channel, but we’ll see! For now just keep watching my instagram stories! Haha! 
I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me! I couldn’t have done it without ALL my wonderful clients + followers! Here’s to another 5 years! 



So, I love jewelry! And I love earrings. Post earrings are my favorite. They are so cute dainty and I just love to wear them. And so versatile to wear. Today,  I’m teaming up with Ashkal jewelry to give away a set of two earring pairs that are just so cool! Whether you wear them alone or with another pair, you’ll look great in them!  Go to my instagram page to enter! 


I’m just going to lay it all out here and say I love The Light Blonde Tees. I have the “God is greater than the Highs and Lows” shirt, and I love it! It’s a great reminder, as much as it’s just cool! She’s giving you, my readers, clients & friends 15% off her website, so you better get on ova there and purchase a tee or two! You won’t regret it! Coupon code: STYLEDBYRYN. WOOHOO!