I was blessed with a lot this past month. I was sent, given & I purchased a few things that are useful, fun or for review. April was a great month. I didn’t blog much, I’m aware of this. But in April, I was uninspired to write. Something that I have been passionate about since about 4 years ago. But, I wasn’t loving where my thoughts were headed. My thoughts weren’t getting told, and the content was old and stale, therefore I quit writing. But, I’m back, May is going to be greeeeeaaaaat, as Tony the tiger says…. I’m writing my thoughts and excited to share. You’ll hear my voice more. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll be inspired by my content.

  • Ugg black suede clogs. I have wanted these type shoes for two years. I went to my favorite app; poshmark. And like these and basically sat on it, until the seller went low enough and then I purchased them. I just recently wore them and they’re actually quite comfortable. If you’re interested in ugg clogs, I would try search on poshmark.
  • Boyfriend pocket tee. These tees are my most favorite. They’re loose, they look good and they’re​ great quality.

  • Mason jar label tee. This is just a great tee. I wish they​ had other colors with this design, like a white tee and dark grey design. But, whether do or not, this perfect to pair with jeans, skirts & blazers. And it’s a true enough statement​.

  • Have a Willie nice day tee. I love puns and I only know part of a Willie Nelson song. But, I wear it nonetheless. I just really like it!

  • Grey cardigan. This cardigan, I thought I loved it when it was purchased. I’m on the fritz about this. I like it, don’t get me wrong. But it’s somewhat harder to style. And I’m not sure it looks the BEST on me. But, I’m still going to style it and make it work, as Tim Gunn would say. 

  • Hillsong ‘Let hope rise’ the movie. I wanted to see this in theatres, but I wasn’t able to make it. But, I received this in my Easter basket and I can’t wait to watch it. 
  • Mason bar company accessories. I also received this in my Easter basket. Plastic lids, a bamboo lid & a stainless steel straw. Can’t wait to use them!

  • Orla Kiely (set of 3) pocket notebooks. Found in my Easter Basket. Love Orly Kiely.
  • Orla Kiely cube notepad. It was an Orla Kiely Easter. 
  • Seriously, Thanks notecards. Found these at Target. And they’re so cute!

  • Julep nail polishes​: Tomi + it girlI’ve never actually tried julep nail polishes, but I know my sister fancies the brand & products. Easter was great!
  • Alaffia shower butter. This is the best for shaving my legs. And washing my body. It’s silky and moisturizing. 

  • Great Lash blue mascara. I was sent this complimentary to try for review from influenster & Maybelline. It has a wet consistency and takes it’s time to dry. But, it fun to wear for a pop of color. My only negative is that it turns navy blue after a while instead of staying royal blue.
  • Maybelline black eyeliner. Also sent complimentary from influenster & Maybelline. This liner isn’t​ quite waterproof on me… I have rather oily lids, but I still like to apply and smudge. And it works well. 
  • Sephora Bohemian purple lipstain. This picture is muting the color of this shade. I love the formula of this lipstain. It’s actually long lasting. The color…may not be the best but, as I stated in an Instagram post, I was inspired by WE.THE.BIRDS Sarah, in a post she posted months ago with a similar color. Worth the $14. 

  • Lipsense matte gloss. I was given this by my sister. I have yet to use it. But, I’m excited to try it.
  • Lipsense ‘peach’ lip color. In terms of color, it’s a peachy coral color. In terms of how I like this brand. Ehhhh. I’m not a big fan of it. It burns my lips like something fierce. And tasting like acetone. I don’t seem to reach for it as much as one would if they pay for $25 lipstick.
  • Lipsense ‘opal’ gloss. This gloss however, is pretty rad. I do love the opalescent Sheen it gives. So there’s that.

  • Bite Beauty ‘opal’ lipstick. I received this for Easter, and I can say I finally have it in my possession. So happy with the shade. It’s unicorn saliva at it’s best!
  • Everyday minerals base. I found these at whole foods as they’re clearing out this brand 😢 but​ I can still find it online. And it really works with my skin… especially when I moisturize my face right before I put this foundation on. 
  • Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. Ive posted about this amazing mascara before, bet lets reiterate how good this stuff actually is. It volumizes, lengthens, lifts & separates… Sounds kind of like a bra. But seriously, this mascara is worth it’s price tag! 

  • Soft surroundings ‘joni’ pants. These were pants that I just needed in my life. And they’re definitely comfortable! I don’t know of they’re super super cute, but I like to wear them.

  • Manna marble stainless steel bottle. Lastly, this bottle that’s so cool and has a marble finish to it is amazing! I carry kombucha in it regularly. It’s perfect for it and has ice cubes in it for 18+ hours! 



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