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Let me introduce myself, I’m Lauryn Bray, Wardrobe Stylist & Blogger  behind Styled By Ryn, Hailing from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in the great state of Texas.

As a stylist, I see every body type as beautiful. I don’t judge. and I am fairly certain we all go through phases where we’re not too sure of what to where… totally been there! I can totally help if you’re stumped!

I often get asked how I got started in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist, and I have to give all the credit to the Lord. As He prompted me to venture into styling.{after some resisting on my part} As He knew what people needed, and He had this plan all along! I started Styled By Ryn in 2012, after a friend urged me to style her when we were out shopping. After 4hrs in a Forever 21 store and three shopping bags later, she had stylish pieces she could pair with her other clothes in her closet. And from there I was able to gain more clientele and experience, and start wardrobe styling. Not only do I find styling as a fun career, But also as a ministry. I get to empower, motivate & encourage people daily on how beautiful they really are, just by the clothes that they wear. Sure, I’ll suggest what lip color they should purchase or hair style to have next. But mainly, we talk clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. {And shoes, jewelry, handbags & accessories!} I have an eye for fit. If a jacket can’t close, what’s the point of having it on? Hint: It should close. You may never wear it closed, but it’s better to close than to look too tight and uncomfortable. Also, I rarely pay attention to trends, as they won’t last long in your closet. If you want a lasting wardrobe, basics are the key. That’s not to say that I never go with trends, as that isn’t the case. I style trends into an outfit that you will be able to utilize way past the expiration date of that trendy item without it taunting you every time you walk into your closet… These are just a few examples of how I style! With the countless times I listened to Stacy & Clinton, Rachel Zoe, Peggy Sagers & the style channel, and the exuberant amount of books, blogs and magazines I read, It has totally paid off! ; )  And please believe me when I say, I pay no mind to what society says. As Society is so cruel and critical if you don’t comply to how they say to dress, talk, post, look, etc. It is more important to me as a stylist to instill into you, that you should be/feel confident and effortless and beautiful when wearing clothing. It’s not cool nor does it feel good to fidget, be uncomfortable and dread each day when you have to put clothes on. That’s why I am here, to help you see yourself as not too far gone and that your wardrobe still has hope, and that you can be beautiful in your clothes, without trying to change, just because society says so…

Here are a few things about me that you should know before you hire me… I am a serious shopper, I will shop all day & then come home and shop online. NYC has my heart! I really like coffee w/ cream, mocha syrup + stevia. Traveling is a passion. I like to wear tees & boyfriend jeans, sometimes skinny jeans… Bright lipstick is my fave! So is layering, home girl loves to layer! I use exclamation points A LOT, probably way too much! I love God + I love people; I love hearing their stories, testimonies & loving on them. Oh yeah I sew & read in my down time. I love all things beauty related, such as: make-up, skincare, photoshoots, Youtube, basically the whole shebang! Empowering one’s confidence gives me all the feels. I’ve enjoyed shopping since a very young age(thanks mama!). And the Lord knew me so well, that He placed me in a position of being a wardrobe stylist; go figure!. {Before and even after 2012, I was designing clothes & jewelry} I can talk for hours about fashion & self worth.  My philosophy & my heart is to empower people on how they dress, feel & to be beautiful. And to live as authentic as can be. Also, I’ve been placed with creative sisters and a mother, We have a: TV producer/Chef, Make Up Artist, Graphic Designer & Embroiderer/Book Editor. Pretty impressive shoes to walk besides, huh?! Oh and I love blogging, as I try and post 3 times a week. And it totally helps with the styling part ; ) I also love Instagram, you should follow me: @styledbyryn, I would love to have ya! and I personally may be curvy, But I work with ALL body types.

Also, I have worked with award winning clients and everyday people of all shapes & sizes. And I strive to work with people who want everyday functional style in their wardrobe. Women, Men, Doctors, Business Types, Zoo Keepers, Moms & Dads, Actors, Musicians, Models, you name it, I want to work with them! If that’s you, Contact me!

I feel like you can get to know/trust someone by knowing where they like to shop for themselves, So here are my favorite places to shop:
Madewell: I just love their style. Cool girl style meets feminine dame.
Nordstrom: Because they have fabulous customer service & great coffee! Plus, their shoe section is amazeballs!
Oldnavy: Because, I can make their clothes look like I bought them from Madewell! Plus, the quality and fit are pretty amazing for me!
Anthropologie: Because I need a bit of unique/artsy in my life.
Sephora: Who doesn’t love this company? I love that I can get my favorite brands… and then some, all in one place!
Thrift Stores: Uhhh, hello, I always like finding one of a kind gems!



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