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Lauryn Bray, Wardrobe Stylist & Blogger  behind Styled By Ryn, Based in Fort Worth, Texas.


I am an authentic, honest and transparent human who has flaws like everyone else. But I am part of a redemptive love story. I have a relationship with my maker who washes away all imperfections. I am here to share my expertise + experience on how to style your life. Empowering you to style + love the body you have.

With training in body shapes, I work with clients in every stage of life, from teenagers to college, career, mature,  weddings, moms, pregnancy & post-pregnancy. Every human in every stage of life should feel great about their appearance. I started my business in 2012 to help clients feel empowered and confident.

​Through time, I have developed a sophisticated eye, an eye for detail, an aesthetic and broadened my definition of style and beauty. I understand and appreciate fashion and humans from all walks of life.

 I believe you’re blessed to be a blessing, therefore, I really love giving back to: Elevation church, DFW New Beginnings & A21.

 It truly makes my day when a client tells me how good they feels about themselves after a styling session together. I would love to help you feel confident from the inside out and make getting dressed a wonderful and enjoyable experience for you! This isn’t just a career, it’s a calling & ministry.

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