W A R D R O B E | R E V I V A L


In this session, I will carefully go through each item in your closet and help you decide what to keep, giveaway, or re-sell. I will organize and streamline your closet, so that you are left with a wardrobe filled with pieces that are functional for your life and that you absolutely love! I will make recommendations and a shopping list of items that would be beneficial to add to your wardrobe, while educating you on how to wear & style each piece. The end result? A stress free, efficient wardrobe that brings out the best version of yourself.

Each session includes:

  • The freedom to text or call me. Nothing is worse than panicking over what to wear, so if you’re in a pinch, you are welcome to ring me.
  • Pictures: I take flatlay photos of the outfits I style, because that way, you will have a reference as to how to style each piece. I will send them via email. (If you prefer hardcopies as well as digital, there will be an additional cost of $20)
  • After each session, I encourage sitting down and enjoying a coffee or water with you, chatting about your wardrobe, making a list of what you may need in your wardrobe and items to replenish. and making a plan of action, scheduling another wardrobe revival or shopping style session.

($425, up to 4 hrs, $50 for each additional hour | Returning Clients: $225 for the first two hours, $40 for each additional hour)