Think of me as your Fashion guru friend. I will be here for you & your wardrobe. I will be the encouragement you need, and the extra push you need to take in your everyday style and to change up your wardrobe altogether. I am here to make your clothes fit to perfection, and make sure the styles compliment your figure. I may be outspoken about fashion & styling, but I will never make you look like crap. I am here to empower you to stay beautiful, to feel beautiful, and to be beautiful in your everyday wear. Every time I work with you, I hope you feel like royalty. Having a wardrobe stylist is investing in yourself & putting your style/trust into someone else’s hands, and in return feeling & looking your absolute best.
{Different prices may apply if you are inquiring about industry info or out of towners. For prices, please contact me through email:}


SHOP + STYLE SESSION ($120 for 2 hrs, $35 for each additional hour)

Maybe you are a parent, You need help with what you wear, you could be a very busy person or you just want to reward yourself, whatever the case may be, this session is focusing on YOU. While you spend the day with me, you’ll gain ideas, just as much as you’ll gain clothes. and I’ll keep in mind your lifestyle as well, so you are not left with clothes that you will never wear. I will pick & pair the outfits together, having you try on clothing, and forming outfits, and determine with the items you should purchase, basically the perfect pieces for YOUR perfect wardrobe. You’ll go from store to store, obtaining the amount of outfits you desire, while working on accessories, shoes & jewelry to pair with your brand new wardrobe!

This session includes:

  • Lunch & coffee breaks when needed. No one wants a grumpy shopper. 
  • Photos, So you can see how great you actually look!
  • You are more than welcome to call or text when you need a wardrobe pick-me-up or inspiration! (I can totally help)         


WARDROBE REVIVAL IN-HOME STYLE SESSION ($150 for 2 hrs, $30 for each additional hour *subject to change for drive time | Returning Clients: $70 for the first hour, $30 for each additional hour )

This session is focused on getting your closet into shape, a revival really. From organizing, to saying goodbye, to forming outfits from the clothes already hanging in your closet. All the while taking flat-lay photos and a few of you modeling the outfits for future reference. Customizable wardrobe revivals to fit your lifestyle & wardrobe.

Each session includes:

  • The freedom to text or call me. Nothing is worse than panicking over what to wear, so if you’re in a pinch, you are welcome to ring me.
  • Pictures: I take photos of the outfits I style, because that way, you will have a reference as to how to style your pieces and clothes. I send them via email. If you prefer hardcopies as well as digital, there will be an additional cost. ($12-$20) 
  • After each session, I encourage sitting down and enjoying a coffee or water with you, chatting about your wardrobe, making a list of what you may need in your wardrobe and items to replenish. and making a plan of action, scheduling another wardrobe revival or shopping styles session.


BACK TO THE BASICS… SHOPPING SESSION ($50 for an hour, $20 for each additional hour.)

Basics are pivotal for any wardrobe, yours specifically. Basics are how you build an outfit, the neutrals and garments that are classics, sure to never go out of style. Basically the anchor for your outfits and wardrobe. From jeans to tees to blazers. In this session, I will hone in on picking the neutrals + basics you need for your wardrobe and to build an outfit upon.


This session is based on thrifting. Thrifting is easily frowned upon, but easily obtained. Only a few actually know the jewels you can find from secondhand shops. It also helps that it’s easy on the wallet. I will guide you through every aisle, picking things out for you to try on and to pair with. The thing to keep in mind is you can have pieces altered. Tailoring to fit YOU.


If you are a client of mine already, and you would like wardrobe assistance for any given season, I recommend that you pick up to two sessions, every 2-4 seasons for hiring me back to refresh your wardrobe.


It’s always more fun when it involves friends, whether it’s a GNO or bonding with co-workers. This session is a mini session (30min to 1 1/2hrs) for each person, shopping with friends, finding pieces for each wardrobe, nibbling on pastries & sipping on lattes. While being surrounded with friends and being encouraged by a fashion stylist. It’s a win-win.
*Lunch or Dinner can be included in time slot.

PHOTO-READY STYLE SESSION (Price upon request)

I will get you ready for your upcoming photo-shoot. We’ll get together beforehand and go through how you would like to look, how many outfit changes you want, how you want to set the tone, your hair, make-up, wardrobe… Basically Everything! We can go shopping or go through your wardrobe, whichever suits you best. But I will make sure you look the absolute best for your upcoming shoot, whether for family photos to a styled shoot.


You have the option to hire me to come to your city, state or country to do a shopping session and an in-home style session.
Or when you’re in a bind, you can always schedule a skype session, to help with finding & pairing outfits, gain knowledge and hear encouragement.
(Skype session: $17.50 an hour)

Email me at: for pricing and more information.


CONTRACT STYLING (Price upon request)
If you are a business, company or corporation interested in hiring me as a wardrobe stylist for an upcoming shoot, spread or film. Contact me for more info:

For any other inquiries, you are more than welcome to contact me at: And I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

All Major credit cards & cash are accepted. (And all prices are subject to change at any given time!)



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